Rotary Cars in the Park

in association with The Stan Bowley Trust

Beacon Park, Lichfield

Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd July 2023

Rotary Cars in the Park is organised by the Rotary Club of Lichfield St Chad in association with The Stan Bowley Trust and attracts up to 2,000 cars and in excess of 20,000 visitors. The money raised from the event is distributed between local, national and international good causes. There is no charge for members of the public to attend but any donations into our collection buckets are greatly appreciated.


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Chairman's Welcome

Dear Participant

Many thanks to all of you who supported the event in July 2022. Although the weather was mixed on the Saturday, we were fortunate to be granted a perfect summer’s day on Sunday. The result was the biggest and best turnout of cars (over 2000), entrants, traders, and the Lichfield public we have ever experienced. In turn, this resulted in our best ever collection for charity of over £35,000.

Charities who will benefit include the Stan Bowley Trust (our partners in organising the event) Lichfield Police Cadets, Lichfield Round Table, We Love Lichfield and many other local and national charities. I wish to emphasise that after (the not inconsiderable) expenses of putting on the weekend, every pound goes to one charity or another.

Lichfield St Chad Rotary could not possibly put on the event without help from many other individuals and organisations. Apart from those mentioned above we were greatly assisted by Barry and James Strong from Strong’s Plastic Products of Tamworth; the Naval Cadets (who camp on site all weekend) and many other Rotarians and individuals.

This year we reinstated a competition to make awards for the best cars on show. This proved to be an arduous task because of the high standard of restoration and presentation of so many cars. The competition proved a success, with some improvements needed, and will be repeated in 2023. You do not have to enter, we will select the cars in various categories on Sunday 2nd July. Each winner will be given a trophy with a photograph of their car. I know that some did not receive a photograph this year (our fault) but if you did not please contact us and we will remedy that.

The event this year start with the gates opening at 7.00am and there will be no entrants admitted after 11.00am on both days. The event will close at 4.00pm on both days.

In the public arena there will be displays by the amazing BMX group, a smash hit with the public last year, the usual car club displays and, we hope, a classic car auction on the Sunday.

Single entries, which always spring surprises by the variety and rarity of the cars shown, will be joined by the usual trade stands; good quality catering and fairground rides for all the family.

The Midlands Air Ambulance will have their usual helicopter stand and we hope Staffordshire Fire and Rescue will display an engine if their work commitments permit.

Entry for the public on foot remains FREE but we do ask for you to donate to charity as generously as you can given the difficult times. We accept cash or Cards and collectors with boxes will be at each entrance. Car parking remains at £5 per car no matter how many passengers.

Charges for car clubs remain at £5 per car with a minimum of 5 (and a maximum of 30) cars per club. Single entries will pay £10 which will cover BOTH days. HOWEVER single entries will pay £10 for SUNDAY ONLY because of the very high demand. Booking opens as usual on 1st January 2023. PLEASE NOTE: because of poor behaviour of a small minority of entrants (revving engines, driving irresponsibly in the crowded park, playing overly loud music etc) we reserve the right to refuse bookings. We will endeavour to keep such refusals to a minimum but please do not spoil the event. We had, for the first time this year some complaints from the public and we cannot give ammunition to the vociferous “Anti-Car” brigade. Our charges have not essentially increased for some years and compared with similar shows in the country our charges are very low.

As ever, we welcome the widest variety of vehicles from Veteran, Vintage, Classics and modern. Please note that motor scooters are not admitted although motor cycles are welcome.

Camping facilities are available to book and there will be security overnight on both Friday and Saturday.

Finally, thank you all for your support. This is your show and any suggestions for improvements are always welcome.

Andrew Maw 
Cars in the Park Chairman